About the book

When I moved to Detroit to begin my career at a green energy startup, it was with the same goal I’d had for years: fight back against climate change. Upon starting work, however, uncomfortable truths about human nature and the American economy led to a dark and devastating conclusion to the question I’d been asking for years.

While searching for answers, I found them in the most unlikely place, my discarded Jewish identity. But as someone who struggled with the concept of God and didn’t believe in the supernatural, it wasn’t possible to find answers there, was it? Against the backdrop of the millennial transition to adulthood, The Sacredness of Things Collapsing is a memoir that explores the challenges and benefits of embracing a progressive approach to religion in the modern world.

Introduction and 1st chapter

Note: Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals and places featured in the book.

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